Painted Streets Project

Roger Whiting and Amy Hajdas
Historic 25th Street and Adams Avenue

After an open call for art and public voting, artists Roger Whiting and Amy Hajdas’ designs were selected to be painted on the streets of Ogden. The Painted Streets Project is a series of large street murals throughout the Nine Rails Creative District. More than 200 community volunteers assisted in painting the murals in 2018. Whiting’s artwork is located in the center lane of 25th Street between Washington Blvd. and Adams Ave. Hajdas’ design occupies the four crosswalks of the 25th Street and Adams Ave. intersection.

Community members can still visit the painted streets by foot, bicycle, car, or the newly added Lime scooters in downtown Ogden! Next time you’re exploring downtown, don’t forget to marvel at the work of these talented artists below your feet.

The Painted Streets Project is an easily accessible, and free way for community members to experience art in their day-to-day lives. Street murals and painted crosswalks not only beautify Ogden City, but they help create clearer routes for pedestrian traffic. The Painted Streets add another layer of unique vibrancy to the artwork throughout the Nine Rails neighborhood.

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