Mural by Rachel Pohl

Sponsored by And She’s Dope Too
Historic 25th Street and Adams Ave.

Montana artist Rachel Pohl transformed a once vacant, and underutilized, Ogden lot into a mile-long work of art full of vibrant colors in 2016. The Weber Arts Council, along with the Nine Rails project team, asked Pohl to paint a mural of Ogden scenes on an existing concrete retaining wall. With the help of community volunteers, Pohl brought new life to what once would have been considered an eyesore.

Community members can visit Pohl’s mural on the corner of Historic 25th Street and Adams Avenue. Snap a selfie, or capture an artistic shot and share it with us on social media using #ninerailsogden.

The Nine Rails Creative District continuously creates opportunities for the Ogden community to engage with art. Pieces like Pohl’s retaining wall mural are easily accessible, free ways for people to experience Ogden’s thriving arts culture everyday. Located on the historic Peery Apartments property in the Nine Rails neighborhood, this mural is one of many unique art installations that liven up downtown Ogden.

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