Monarch in Moda

Jane Kim / Ink Dwell Studio
455 25th Street

Artist Jane Kim, with her team from Ink Dwell Studio, designed and painted Monarch in Moda, a local mural in 2018. Monarch in Moda is a part of the Migrating Mural project – a series of artwork highlighting wildlife throughout migration. The focus of Kim’s mural is the monarch butterfly.

Community members can experience Kim’s mural at 455 25th Street. Snap a selfie with your friends, or capture an artistic shot. Share your experience with us on social media using #ninerailsogden.

The Monarch in Moda mural is an eye-catching piece of downtown Ogden. It is intended to increase vibrancy, access to art and pedestrian traffic. Hopefully by experiencing this huge outdoor mural at the newly restored Monarch building, community members will be inspired to continue exploring the Nine Rails neighborhood and it’s public artworks.

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