Moments Festival

Ogden First/Jake McIntire/Eden Buxton
With support from Weber State University, Ogden City Arts and
Community & Economic Development

Several locations throughout the Nine Rails Creative District

MOMENTS Festival was a major arts festival hosted throughout the Nine Rails Creative District in 2017. This festival focused on less traditional forms of artistic expression. Art activities included performance art, light-based art, sound installations, and a live mural painting. The MOMENTS Festival originated during the “video production sessions,” which aimed to demonstrate how the arts could be used to activate underutilized areas.

Community members in attendance at the MOMENTS Festival were quickly immersed in various art forms on the street. From dancers to poetry readings, attendees were witnessing a museum come to life. They were experiencing moments. While the festival is over, you can see event highlights and photos online here.

MOMENTS was a one-night experimental art event that allowed the community to enjoy interventions, installations, projections and participatory projects. It increased pedestrian traffic within the Nine Rails neighborhood and showcased the diversity in Ogden’s thriving art culture. This event was an accessible, and free, way for community members to experience art, furthering the beautification and vibrancy of downtown.

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